Divine Foundation sees itself as:

a place of:

  • cooperation
  • communication
  • growth
  • maturing spiritually
  • joy and learning
  • enjoying life

an open meeting oasis of peaceful and harmonious atmosphere 

  • between young and old
  • from heart to heart
  • for cooperation
  • for an exposure of abilities and talents of each individual
  • from the I to the YOU - from the YOU to the WE - from the WE to the ENTITY

Founder + CEO Divine Foundation - Christoph P. M. ZöchlingIt is meant to create a spiritual oasis - a meeting place of love, in which every soul is welcome to discover the light / the divine in itself. It is a place to develop, mature and to grow, to create a constructive place, where we can find out who we really are. Where each one of us is a part of a larger entity - where every individual may experience, learn, and realize himself as part of the entity - and where creating a community represented by all age groups is a main task. A basic principle is that all learn with and from each other.

The Divine Foundation serves the unfolding of potential and development, giving more room and time for the essential. So we can return to who and what we really are: equitable, responsible, and self-determined beings. As a result, we are ready to create our own, authentic environment, which is being used sustainably, ecologically, bio-dynamically, and environmentally friendly.

The integration of elder people is a concern to us, as in a constantly aging society it is important and necessary to give elder people the opportunity to continue playing an active role in the labor market and in society, to exchange experiences, and to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Isn’t it a wonderful thought – to use and link all the synergies to create something even bigger – something self-upgrading?

It is not about profit maximization or territorial claim of individuals, but about the uniqueness of the person - to give each one the possibility to love himself. To find out who he - really - is. To "simply" be.

Another aim of the Divine Foundation is to develop life skills and life concepts. We learn as long as we live - a cross-border cooperation, where we learn again to face the questions of our time and to implement them into our daily routines. To experience happiness and satisfaction in small and big things, vitalize the knowledge to create a new awareness for the processes in nature, humanity, and the divine beings. To support the pioneers of this earth and raise courage to participate actively in the transformation of our society and our planet in those who hesitate.

The Divine Foundation stands for self-expression, meditation, development, creativity, strengthening, peace and relaxation, healing, healthy and vital food, love and community, retreat, encountering, communication...

The focus is on a peaceful, harmonious, supporting, joint, and joyous future.